Mountfield Land Limited

Mountfield Land (which was incorporated in 2008) sources and enhances the value of land before selling its interest to developers. It is not exposed to any financial risk or liability from its dealings or transactions as it does not purchase any sites.

Its senior managers have had extensive experience of this type of work and also of the sales, marketing and development of residential properties.

Mountfield Land evaluates brownfield sites (such as redundant commercial and industrial sites) which may be converted to residential use, and also assembles sites from residential gardens and/or private dwellings in order to create viable residential development opportunities. It also looks at opportunities to bring land on the fringe of residential areas into the local plan and thereby enhance the existing use value.

Its managers seek to obtain an option over the site and a share of the completed value of the site. Mountfield Land then assigns the option to a developer, housing association or registered social landlord.

The managers work with the developer to ensure that due diligence and the planning application process are handled speedily and usually at the cost of the assignee in order to maximise revenue.

Mountfield Land currently operates in the Northern and Southern outer London suburbs of which its managers have extensive working knowledge. The company currently has the benefit of ten options, and the managers currently maintain an active interest in about twenty other sites.

The Directors believe that even though the housing market is currently depressed there remains a strong demand for sites suitable for small to medium sized developments particularly from housing associations.