Mountfield Group PLC

Mountfield Group Plc consists of 3 businesses and provides construction support and property services to both the private and public sectors. The Group's principal activity is the construction and internal fit out of Data Centres for the IT industry.

The groups combined activities comprise the following:

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  • Design and installation of environmentally controlled Data Centres.
  • Builderswork packages on commercial IT facility buildings.
  • Installation of specialist Access Flooring to Data Centres, disaster recovery centres and commercial office buildings.
  • Fitting out and refurbishment of commercial office buildings, hospitals and education facilities.
  • Design & Build projects
  • Specialist bespoke hard flooring finishes including timber, stone and ceramics.
  • Principal Contracting
  • Site assembly for residential and commercial developments.

The Directors have created a group which provides a range of specialist construction support services to both the private and public sectors and to deliver value to shareholders by cross selling those services to clients within the Group. In pursuance of this strategy, the Directors intend to acquire other well-run companies which will enable them to extend the range of such services, as well as exploiting the opportunities presented by its reputation in the various sectors in which it operates. Many present challenges in construction support management can be solved using blockchain. However, rather than being utilised directly by authors of construction-related software, it is more likely to be embedded into generic IT infrastructure on top of which construction applications are created. It has the ability to decentralise construction processes, necessitating further research in this area. Blockchain, which was originally designed for Bitcoin, now supports a wide range of applications apart from digital currencies like Bitcoin. The automatic trading software uses algorithms to determine how likely a given price development of a digital currency is. Check out for finding more information about the functionality and pros of this software.